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TRISOLD(1) General Commands Manual TRISOLD(1)

map analyser and (maybe in the future) bot for

trisold [-cdfnprs] mapfile ...

The trisold utility reads the given karopapier mapfiles and calculates all valid moves for each one. It can print some statistics about every map, calculate optimal routes from start to finish fields, list the costs for all start fields, and print an ASCII dump with an optimal route from start to finish.

The options are as follows:

Print all start fields together with their number of next fields with minimal distance to a finish field, and the distance itself.
For each valid move, write its number, start coordinates, delta values and the type of the last special field to stdout, followed by the move numbers of all previous moves and the costs to all reachable finish moves together with the bitmap of missing checkpoints. This output is followed by a list of finish move numbers.
Do not fork a separate child process for every single map. All maps will be calculated within a single process instead.
Print a list of all fields with their distance to the nearest finish (dnf) if that value is non-zero.
Disable checkpoints.
Draw the map with an optiomal route from start to finish.
Write statistical data.

Without any options, trisold behaves as both -r and -s have been given.

Karopapier - Autorennen wie in der Vorlesung,

Matthias Kilian ⟨⟩

The trisold utility does not yet care about direction modes.
August 15, 2019 OpenBSD 6.6